KWL Lawyers has a litigation team that manages many disputes each year with a high success rate. Our matters are either settled to the satisfaction of our clients or are litigated in court with favourable outcomes.

We understand that disputes cause a significant level of stress on individuals resulting in a great level of disruption to their lives and businesses. We take the time to understand the real issues in disputes between parties and devise the most pragmatic and efficient options to resolve the dispute.

However, not all disputes are able to be resolved through conciliatory means and therefore necessitate the intervention of the courts to manage and decide the dispute between the parties. Before commencing court proceedings, we always ensure that your matter is well prepared and that you have the evidence available to support your position.

We can help you with the following areas of dispute:

Contractual disputes including breaches of contract

Neighbourhood disputes


Employment disputes

Property damage


Personal injuries

Estate litigation (Contested wills)

Tenancy disputes

Defended proceedings

Motor vehicle accidents

Insurance law

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