Languages:  English and Korean

Timothy is the Principal Solicitor at KWL Lawyers and a Notary Public. As a Partner at KWL Lawyers, he is an expert in Property, Commercial and Corporations Law.

With extensive experience on a wide range of litigious and commercial matters, Timothy advises on commercial disputes and regulatory compliance matters for individual, retail and corporate clients.

Timothy has assisted a number of clients in relation to their investment and licensing arrangements for various retail businesses.

He also has expertise in Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and advises client on various issues across different commercial sectors including banking and finance, manufacturers, building and construction and retail businesses.

Although experienced in litigation and commercial disputes, Timothy is also striving to achieve the most favourable outcomes for our client’s through negotiation, mediation and other less adversarial processes.

Timothy is currently a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and attained his undergraduate degree at University of New South Wales, combining a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Law.

Timothy is contactable via email: